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We have many different and custom sizes avalialble. Please contact our sales team ( for more information and pricing.

The industry leading battery cells are made by SK, LG, Samsung, and Sanyo and have high power and energy density which result in volume, weight, and cost advantages. We also have expertise in development of battery modules and pack systems for OEM applications.

Mobile Pack

Cell Capacity Cell Size Cell Maker Pack Size
1500 mAh 564846 LGC 51.00W X 51.50L X 5.70T
1620 mAh 484462 SDI 44.00W X 64.50L X 5.00T
1650 mAh 555149 SDI 51.00W X 51.50L X 5.70T
1780 mAh 495255 LGC 52.00W X 57.70L X 5.05T
1800 mAh 495255 SANYO
1810 mAh 555148 SANYO 51.00W X 50.30L X 5.45T
1950 mAh 525256 LGC 52.00W X 58.50L X 5.30T
545256 SDI
2050 mAh 515161 SDI 50.55W X 63.40L X 5.00T
2500 mAh 565365 SDI 53.00W X 67.70L X 5.45T
3050 mAh 485780 LGC 57.05W X 83.00L X 4.90T
2100 mAh 484080 LGC 39.50W X 83.50L X 4.90T
3100mAh 564979 SDI 48.60W X 82.00L X 5.60T
3200mAh 446584 SDI 65.00W X 87.00 X 4.40T
12/19/14 - Signet FPD Inc. has introduced a line of competitive TFT LCD panels. Please contact our sales team for pricing and specifications.

Please contact our sales team for more information.


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