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LCD Kit Options
US Branch Office of Unilam Co., LTD of Korea
Signet is an exclusive Americas Sales and Service Branch of Unilam Co., LTD of Korea, a leader in special commercial/ industrial lamps and equipments. Unilam is a direct descendant of Samsung SDI's Special Lighting Business.
 UV Mercury Lamps
 Super High Pressure  High/ Middle Pressure
 Capillary  Low Pressure
 Metal Halide Lamps
 Grow  Aquarium
 Tanning  Fish Luring
 Compact  Color
 High Efficiency (Pulse Start)  Power Supply and Ballasts
 UV Curing Lighting Equipment
 UV Curing & Drying  UV Light Exposure
 UV System for Inspection  Optical Cleaning & Water Treatment
 Power Supply  Optical Components
12/19/14 - Signet FPD Inc. has introduced a line of competitive TFT LCD panels. Please contact our sales team for pricing and specifications.


Please contact our sales team for more information.


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